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Double Hung Window

Double Hung Windows tilt in for easy cleaning and are the most common windows in the Chicagoland area



When you are looking for both structural integrity and protection from outside elements, vinyl Double Hung Replacement Windows provide added protection for your home. Vinyl has many advantages over wooden windows and requires less ongoing maintenance. In fact, these benefits have led to its popularity with homeowners. We have Replacement Windows that are available in beige, cocoa, and white. We also carry light and dark oak, Brazilian pecan and cherry in wood veneers. If you prefer other color options, our windows are available in nine other standard colors.
Our Double Hung Replacement Windows provide protection for your home while remaining highly functional. Security is our first concern which is why we provide windows with a CAM locking mechanism for enhanced security as well as protection from weather leaks. If you would like to enjoy the afternoon breeze without having to fully open your windows, we have implemented ventilation latches with this need in mind. Our windows are designed to keep the cool air in and the water out. High quality weather stripping has also been added which further protects your home from air and water leaks.
Our Replacement Windows come standard with double strength glass. For those who prefer a custom option, we provide a variety of high performance and triple pane glass. Many windows over time will become noisy and difficult to operate. However, with our Double Hung Replacement Windows, you will experience the top of the line ease of operation and quietness. Our windows are Eco-Friendly and are built for maximum strength. They will also maintain their colors without fading and are able to withstand the weathering process, regardless of the climate. With the added security, weatherability and its slim line design, we are sure to have the window that can protect your most valuable investment, your home.